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Look Modelz is client driven. Our goal is to build relationships with advertising agencies, magazines, large retail marketing departments, photographers, and production companies. Those types of companies provide the best opportunity for us to secure  quality assignments for our talent while assisting in continuous profitability  for the agency. Some previous client contacts include; Bass Pro, Wal-Mart Corporate,  ESPN Friday Night Fights, Rancho Suspension, TVC Productions, Wannenmacher  Advertising, Edward Biamonte Photography, and  many others.

Since we are based in the Southwest  Missouri, most projects we receive are regional print, advertising,  promotions, and events. In some cases we do entertain national bookings should  the clientele seek our talent. Our current database of talent is topping 600, which yields many job seekers, and a limited amount of assignments. Keep that in mind as you submit your profile. Outside of having the right look for a particular project most often talent who receive work from us are flexible; as projects dates change and are rescheduled, are punctual; always at least 15 minutes early, even to the first meeting with a staff member, and are professional; always representing themselves  and the company by adhering to company and industry standards.

Look Modelz can  be a stepping stone for those who are most talented. We see some talent that have the potential to make  it past this market with the opportunity for mainstream work. If you want to pursue this type of career, seriously, you will need to venture outside of this market and build contacts with larger, national talent and modeling agencies. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with quality talent, provide individual talent the opportunity to receive quality assignments, and for Look Modelz  to be the choice for securing talent in Southwest Missouri.   

How our application review process works:

  1. Talent submits a profile through our website.
  2. Staff member reviews the application.
  3. Experienced talent with portfolios are typically approved  within 48 hours by a staff member and placed online. They are then available to our clients for bookings. New models who have potential but have neither experience or quality photos are contacted by a staff member.
  4. Staff member contacts selected 'new' models for interview. (Models  not contacted within 7-14 business days were most likely not approved)
  5. Once interview is completed and model is approved, they are placed online assuming that their pictures are of industry standard quality.
  6. If pictures are not quality, selective/featured models may be offered  a free portfolio by our staff photographer. If not selected a staff member will provide a list of local area photographers that can provide this service at a nominal fee or  in some cases TFP (Time for Prints). Look Modelz does NOT sell photos or  provide 'for hire' photography services. Models not offered a free portfolio will need to find a photographer not affilaited with Look Modelz. We are not a Photo Mill.

How Talent is booked for project:

  1. Client contacts Look Modelz and inquires about talent.
  2. Client is given access to the talent database and asked to choose their top picks.
  3. Look Modelz contacts their first choice and proceeds down the list until the assignment is booked.
  4. Once the assignment is booked,  itineraries and vouchers are issued  to the talent.
  5. Talent completes project and turns in voucher to appropriate staff member.
  6. Client pays Look Modelz.
  7. Look Modelz pay talent. In most cases Look Modelz pays the talent within 30 days assuming that all paperwork has been completed correctly.

How We make Money

Look Modelz makes our money by taking a percentage from models and  clients off the work we book. As a standard - we take 20%  from the model (commission) and another 20% from the client (agency  fee). Meaning, if we book you for a full day for $1,000, we  actually will bill the client $1,200. When the model gets his/her  check, it will be for $800 and the agency's profit is $400. In most cases when booking the project the staff member will explain your net pay to you.

We make no guarantees as to the amount of work you will receive from us. The only thing we can promise is that we only make money when you make money.

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